Rotund Takeoff

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You are Chubbit, a plump bunny plunged into a precision platforming nightmare! To escape, simply move left, move right, and master the nuanced dynamics of ceaseless bouncing!

Playing well means playing fast, exemplified by the simple stopwatch HUD. Earn gold medals through speed and strategy to open map shortcuts and bonus levels as you journey across vibrant worlds toward the light of home!

Rotund Takeoff is a high-powered remake of the oft-misunderstood Chubbins (2014, Wii U). Faithful where possible, but retro-overhauled and packed with improvements across the board, there's never been a better time to check it out!

  • One-handed controls minimize your learning curve amid hardcore gameplay.
  • Faster-than-lightning respawns snub failure to keep your game flowing.
  • Awaken your inner speedrunner with quick levels hand-crafted around Time Attack.
  • Feel the rush as you challenge intense bosses using nothing but brains and bounces.
  • Chiptune-infused soundtrack by Jarrel Lanchester immerses you in a colorful adventure of retro delight.

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We're two brothers making indie games the old-fashioned way: with heart, soul, and a room in the attic.
We work closely together and handle every aspect of development ourselves from concept through to release,
with the exception of the wonderful soundtrack, provided by the awesome Jarrel Lanchester!

PaulPaul Burns — Artist
From spriting, animating, and creating effects in-game, to promo artwork, to recording and cutting trailers, Paul handles all the game's visual needs plus website management.

TobyToby Burns — Programmer
From the game's core engine physics and UI to the most tedious platform considerations, Toby makes the game function, while also making the sound effects.

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